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Penn Foster Career School - Legal Transcriptionist, Online This fully online court reporting degree is designed for students who want to take their career to the next level with an accredited degree, but who want the flexibility and affordability of an online degree program.

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Guide to Online Court Reporting Schools

What Types of Online Court Reporter Classes, Programs and Degrees Are Available?

The availability of court reporting programs have grown leaps and bounds since distance learning has become an accepted learning method.

Degrees are offered by court reporting programs in two and four-year options depending on how much time you are able to invest. Other schools give the option of earning a certificate. Whether you chose a two-year, four-year or certificate path, the choice is personal preference. Check your state's guidelines for the appropriate court reporting training and education requirements.

What Are the Degree / Experience Requirements to be a Certified Court Reporter?

To become a certified court reporter, many states require reporters to acquire a state license after attending school. To obtain the license, you must be able to pass a series of tests related to verbatim reporting and accurate typing. Training varies, but the general time needed to learn stenography or voice reporting is about two years.

The federal government requires all students to learn how to type a minimum of 225 words a minute so it's imperative to take your time when choosing a school with an excellent program and job placement help.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Court Reporter School

While considering an online court reporting program, take several things into account before you jump into a semester of learning how to type 225 words a minute.

First, you need to think about your financial situation. Will you be able to work while you attend school? Do you need a student loan? Will you qualify for federal financial aid or scholarships? Does the school you want to attend accept federal grants or give scholarships? Start this process by getting your tax information from the previous year and financial information together and filling out a FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, online at

Next, consider the schools you'd like to attend. In order to get the best education and federal aid, your school must be accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation council. For a list of accredited schools, check out NCRA.

What Salary and Careers are available to students with a court reporter degree?

Careers in court reporting are projected to jump 25 percent until 2016 according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook. Demand for court reporters and stenographers extends beyond the courtroom to television companies for captioning to freelance opportunities from legal depositions.

Salary ranges are optimistic for court reporters with a median of $45,610 in May 2006 according to the handbook. The highest paid court reporters earned nearly $78,000. Freelance court reporters can earn as much as they chose to work, but must pay quarterly taxes on earnings since most freelancers do not have taxes taken from payments.

Schools with Online Court Reporting Programs

  1. Prince Institute Associate Degree in Realtime Reporting
    This stenographer school in Montgomery, Alabama has over 30 years of experience training realtime reporters. You can earn your associate's degree online in realtime reporting or a certificate in proofreading. This school accepts federal financial aid, transfers and gives scholarships.
  2. Colorado Technical University Online Bachelor Degree in Court Reporting
    This online program boasts a bachelor's degree for online students plus a CTU Academic Certificate. Check out the financial aid tools to determine if CTU is right for your budget.
  3. College of Court Reporting Associate Degree in Court Reporting
    This Indiana court reporting school was one of the first to offer an online degree program, and was chosen by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in their Distance Education Demonstration Program. Financial assistance is available and the student services team is courteous and professional to students of all ages.
  4. Alfred State College Associate of Applied Science in Court and Realtime Reporting
  5. Penn Foster Career School Court Reporter Program
    Penn Foster's career program in court reporting boasts a high graduation rate in as little as 18 months. With this program, you can move at your own pace with the ability to start your program almost immediately.
  6. Court Reporting Institute of Dallas Associate of Applied Science Degree in Court Reporting
    This school launched its fully online court reporting program in 2006, and has been going strong ever since. The program trains students to work independently as freelance reporters as well as official court reporters.
  7. Sage College Associate Degree in Court Reporting
    Sage College is dedicated to helping students become better online learners. The online court reporting classes are self-paced and financial aid is available.
  8. Brown College of Court Reporting Certificate or Degree Option in Court Reporting and Realtime Voice Writing
    Brown College has been training students since 1972 with success. You can apply online or call 1-800-849-0703 for application assistance. Financial aid is available for qualified students.
  9. Cuyahoga Community College Associate of Applied Science in Captioning and Court Reporting
    Short Term Certificate in Court Reporting Technologies
    Cuyahoga Community College offers extensive information on the college and its degree programs at its user-friendly Web site. The Key Career place will help you find jobs and internships matched to your degree you earn online. Student financial aid is available, and students are encouraged to apply for aid.
  10. Stark State College of Technology Information Reporting Technology Program
    This program specializes in information reporting technology by teaching students about the newest technology and stenography techniques through its campus and distance learning programs. This program is entirely online and builds stenography skills through a series of 15 courses.

Resources For Court Reporter Students

  • National Court Reporters Association The National Court Reporters Association is a group designed for the support and continuing education of court reporters across the nation. Its resource sub-section is expansive, and the site also includes a list of accredited court reporting programs.
  • United States Court Reporters Association Another court reporting membership association that lists jobs, contests for fast typers and member message boards.
  • U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook The U.S Department of Labor's forecast for court reporting careers and additional information about court reporting training, salaries and requirements.
  • The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers "The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation organized to provide education and certification for professionals engaged in electronic reporting, transcribing, and supportive employment roles, and to promote public awareness and acceptance of the electronic reporting industry."
  • National Verbatim Reporters Association Find educational affliliates, resources for verbatim reporters, and other reporters through this membership association for realtime reporters.
  • Wikipedia Stenographer Page A general information page on stenography and stenographers by Wikipedia. Be sure to verify information found on Wikipedia with credible sources to ensure accuracy.

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